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At Lyketyl, we have always believed that it was possible to offer products, beautiful and resistant, made from a material respectful of the environment and animal life.

The material of our Lyketyl products is certified REACH STANDARD and respect the European ISO standards.

After two intense years and thousands of hours of research on the Internet, hundreds of emails to several manufacturers, dozens of prototypes, we finally found our signature material: a blend of cotton, recycled fibers, polyester, and PU. Silky to the touch but so strong.

Why PU?
To understand why we chose this material, we have to start from the beginning and the qualities we were looking for. We knew that our carpets were going to have a hard life accompanying the families in all their expeditions and especially in their daily tasks and leisure activities, so we needed a material:
- Without animal fiber
- PVC-free
- Stain resistant
- Which absorbs shocks
- Odorless
- Weather and UV resistant
- Raincoat
- Sustainable
- Soyeuse
- Comfortable
- Respectful of the environment
- Washable without the need to tumble wash it

PU, mixed with the other materials used, meets its criteria and is a qualitative and sustainable alternative.
Its qualities compensate for its rather high manufacturing cost.

The future? Our ultimate goal is to offer materials made from completely natural products. Unfortunately, the current techniques and market prices do not allow us to do so and to offer it for sale.

But we stay on alert, and we will keep you informed of course!

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