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Handcrafted manufacturing
All our mats are handmade ... Craft is a manufacturing process that requires more time, labor and space because of the traditional techniques used.

Made in Europe
All our Lyketyl mats are made in Portugal, a European Union country where the labor is higher than in Asian, African or Latin American countries. Certainly Portugal has lower prices than in the west of the European Union but all work deserves a fair wage and salary.

Our material
PU has all the qualities that we wanted to offer carpets as beautiful as silky; the only drawback of PU at the moment is its cost... Its use is not yet widespread and its manufacturing cost is therefore higher. However, it is more and more used and will surely replace in the medium/long term PVC, which is very polluting and harmful to the environment and to humans.

At Lyketyl, we don't do sales. Several reasons explain this choice:

We offer a permanent product available year-round that does not follow trends, seasons or a certain calendar, as the fashion industry might do. As a result, we do not have any stock to sell out in a given period of time.

Our mats are handmade by craftsmen whose know-how is respected and whose hours of work count. It would be unthinkable to sell off handmade products.

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