The Story

Two babies, three passions, one opportunity... Lyketyl was born. 

"Designed by parents for the family life"

In 2017, I am enjoying my maternity leave with my daughter under a blazing sun in Oslo, Norway. From the park, to the beach, to the restaurant, passing by friends' houses, I alternate between changing mats, picnic blankets, swaddles and others.
In 2018, my son is born and my daughter is growing up, wants to paint, play with clay, draw, so I accumulate tablecloths, floor mats and anything else that can be found among this limited choice, with special patterns and of poor quality.

This is how I came up with the idea of creating versatile and evolving mats that are not thrown away but are used differently depending on the age and needs of the child. A small mat that becomes a painting mat, a medium mat that can be put under baby's chair and becomes an activity mat or a picnic mat, etc. But also, mats without toxic products, handmade in Portugal in family factories by passionate people and that are easily hand washed after each activity. 



The #mumdesign is really a concept that I love and that defines me. When buying items for my children, I don't really follow fashion, but rather the design and function of the item - how its functionality is enhanced by its design or vice versa. I like stylish objects that have a playful/jovial side or stylish objects that have a childlike side, so that the kids' and parents' stuff create one universe and not separate worlds.

 And it is really with this taste for beauty and functionality that I create all Lyketyl products; that our mats appeal to both parents and children, for their design and function.

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